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Pre Sale Questions

Yes, all our lashes are cruelty-free. We are committed to ethical practices and ensure that no animals are harmed in the production of our lashes. Our synthetic lashes are made from high-quality fibers

We offer a wide range of false lashes including synthetic in various styles to suit different occasions and preferences.

Consider the look you're aiming for (weekday, weekend), your eye shape, and any sensitivities or allergies. We also offer a guide and consultation service to help you choose the perfect pair.

Yes, we offer hypoallergenic lashes designed for sensitive eyes. Check product descriptions for sensitivity information or contact us for recommendations.

We accept various payment methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other digital wallets. Full details are available at checkout.

Normally we don't provide support during weekends, except for urgent cases. In these cases, you only need to mark “Urgent” in your email, we will get back to you ASAP.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs and times vary depending on the destination. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

Practical Questions

Start by trimming the lashes to fit your eye shape. Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the band, wait 30 seconds for it to become tacky, then press the lashes onto your natural lash line using tweezers or a lash applicator.

Gently peel off the lashes from the outer corner towards the inner corner of the eye. Use an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve any remaining glue on your eyelids.

Yes, with proper care, our false lashes can be reused multiple times. After removal, clean the lashes by gently removing glue and makeup residues with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

Store them in the original packaging or a lash case to maintain their shape and protect them from dust and damage.

Yes, we have step-by-step tutorials and tips on our website and social media channels. You can also contact our customer service for personalized advice.

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